Wednesday, March 2, 2011

English teacher

My new job is practicing conversational English with students in Korea. The incredible part of the job is that, with modern technology, I don't even have to leave my house to teach English language learners half-way around the world. 

English is necessary for business people in South Korea. My students are professionals who desire to improve their English skills. Many of them have studied English since they were in middle school.

So, as my day is beginning in Michigan, I call my students in Korea who have just completed a long day at work. We talk for a few minutes about current events, cultural differences, or lessons in the textbook. Then I wish them a good night and continue with my day. 


  1. What an interesting job!

  2. The most desirable preschools in South Korea teach English as part of their curriculum.

    I'm happy you are enjoying your new job and know your students are going to love you. You will find there are some students whom will become very attached to "their teacher".

    PS remind me to tell you about exam day, election day, and daylight savings.

  3. What an opportunity for you! Will you still be subbing as well?

  4. How did you find such an opportunity? Who knew things like this even were possible?!

  5. Anita--I haven't been subbing, but I am tutoring homeschool students.
    Midland Z's--I found the job while searching on the internet. My aunt taught English to Korean students.