Friday, March 18, 2011

Kendra's classroom

No, Kendra doesn't sit on the desks while she teaches--
just while talking to her friends from Michigan.
Betsy and I visited Kendra's classroom while we were in Pennsylvania. After she graduated in December, Kendra moved to Pennsylvania to teach science in a small Christian school. Miss Byler is responsible for middle and high school science from Chemistry to health. Though she hunches over her computer every night until nine or ten o'clock writing lesson plans, she appears to be enjoying the beginning of her career as a teacher. 


  1. Is Kendra close enough to be able to see her sister and niece often? That would be nice.

    ~ Betsy

  2. Kendra and her sister Kathryn live together--the high school where Kendra teaches is on the same campus as Kathryn's college. They are about two hours from Judith.

  3. Seeing other classrooms is always fun. And desks are always the most comfy seating in a classroom. =)