Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Carhartt club

I could have named my dog Carhartt. Charlie fits right in with the guys in the shop--he even has the right color coat.

Most days I drop him off at my parents' farm on my way to school. He spends the day with the guys. He's a good dog, from the reports I hear, but occasionally he gets into mischief and Aaron hollers at him. Then he'll go and hide behind Uncle Paul's legs. 

Often Logan or Aaron will take Charlie out for a run. The boys ride the four-wheeler and Charlie runs. According to Logan, Charlie can run 25mph. When they get back to the shop, Charlie finds his favorite spot, on the carpet from Uncle Paul's truck which is in front of the heater, and curls up. 

Charlie has a wonderful time at the farm, hanging out with his Carhartt buddies. 


  1. I'm glad Charlie is fitting in so well with the that his coat matches the Carhartt club colors.

  2. Love this post! Charlie sounds like the perfect dog for our whole family! I'm pretty sure Kaelyn and Judith agree too ;)