Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Untitled dessert

First, I baked a cake for a baby shower on Saturday.

The middle of the cake came out of the pan--the rest didn't.

So, I decided to cut the cake in squares and make petit fours for the baby shower. 

The petit fours icing globbed up before it flowed over the squares of cake. 

And, the baby decided to come on Saturday, so I didn't need a cake anyway. 

On Monday, friends came for tea. I crumbled some of the remaining cake in a torte dish, glopped sweetened, whipped cream on top and sprinkled it with cocoa powder. 

It was meant to be.


  1. I know one name you can give that untitled dessert: Delicious Creativity! :-)

    Thanks for having us over! I really enjoyed our visit.


  2. my favorite kind of kitchen-flop.

  3. Every cake flop has a silver lining!:-) It was delicious AND beautiful to look at! Thanks so much for the tea and fellowship...we loved it!

    ~ Betsy

  4. You almost got another birthday friend :) That looks oh so good!