Saturday, December 1, 2012

Charlie's house

Brian had a small building, originally meant for goat kids, which he donated as a house for Charlie.  

The guys brought Charlie's new house over a couple of weeks ago and positioned it in the cove between my kitchen and the sunroom. 

It's the perfect place. It's protected  and I can look out my kitchen window and see Charlie curled up in his house. We positioned Charlie's line so that he can move around the yard, go into his house or come on the porch. When I'm in the kitchen, he likes to climb on the bench on the porch and watch me through the window.

As Brian said, the house looked pretty good when it was on the farm surrounded by trees and fence and farm machinery. But, next to the Cookie house it looked ugly. 

Over Thanksgiving break it was in the fifties for a few days and I spruced the house up with some paint. Now, it looks much nicer. Then Dad brought over a couple of bales of straw and Mom donated a blanket for Charlie. Logan plans to install styrofoam on the inside of his house, too. 

Now Charlie has his own comfortable house next to the Cookie house.

No, Charlie isn't jumping for joy that his house was painted. He's trying to get my attention. He's not thrilled when I come outside and play with my camera instead of him.


  1. Charlie is very fortunate to have family who is concerned for his comfort! His house looks and sounds cozy enough even for me to crawl into.:-)

    ~ Betsy

  2. Does Charlie have bones stored in the attic of his house? Looks like he has plenty of headroom...or maybe that just makes room for a nice thick padding of straw.

  3. SO excited to meet Charlie and be at your house in a few weeks!!

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