Monday, December 17, 2012


I decides the clothespin couple fit nicely in the laundry area. 
Last week I organized the sunroom. Since Julie left in October, the sunroom, which was her domain, had accumulated odds and ends from various household projects. I had two objectives, besides straightening the room. I wanted a place for the table, which I convinced my family to help me salvage from the side of the road, and I wanted a place to store extra bags of pellets for the stove. Along with those changes, I made a few smaller, decorating changes.

I covered Julie's bulletin board with pictures from the calendar Lauren Mae gave us last year.

I positioned the extra table in the sunroom so that I see it, rather than the ironing board. My plan is to use the extra table when I have guests.


  1. Very nice changes. We did some organizing this weekend and it always feels so good....anyway you can paint the frame around the bulletin board black?

    Mama Donna always sets her table with fancy place settings even when she is not expecting guests...makes for a nice presentation and may help keep the table from "collecting". The placement of your table in the sunroom lends itself nicely to colored glass.

  2. We've salvaged a few items from the side of the road too! It's fun! I like the changes you made. I think Julie would like them too, if she were here.

  3. Love the plants in the tea cups.:-) Are those more of the proliferating spider babies?

    ~ Betsy