Thursday, November 10, 2011


My Mom finds it ironic that I am teaching grammar. During college, I embraced the theory that the formal study of grammar is unnecessary. This semester I have been immersed in grammar. My students may not think grammar is fun, but at least my Mom finds my class (or the fact that I am teaching grammar) amusing. 

Here are a few of the exit outcomes that we have achieved already this semester:

I can use affirmative and negative sentences in the Past Progressive. 

I can use some basic separable and non-separable phrasal verbs. 

I can use modal verbs and phrasal modal verbs (have to, had better, ought to, be supposed to, etc.). 

I can use many noncount nouns. 

I can form basic tag questions from affirmative sentences.

I can ask and answer questions about the subject and questions about the direct object in a sentence. 

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