Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kitchen table

 My kitchen table is pleasing, as long as you ignore the mess around it. 

We sisters painted the kitchen walls last Saturday. Unlike some of our other choices, we were both happy with the color. 

I bought the table and four chairs at a garage sale for $20. I swapped a couple of the garage sale chairs for a couple from Mom's front porch collection, since I wanted an assortment of chairs. Then we painted the table and chairs "Artisan White."

Betsy painted the inside of the cupboard white. Julie washed our dishes (most of our treasures were from Grandpa's auction finds) and arranged them on the shelves. 

Aaron removed the broken glass from the door to the sunroom and we replaced two of the panes with plexiglass.

If you stand in the right place our kitchen looks inviting. 


  1. I love it!! You ladies are just having way too much fun.:-) The kitchen does indeed look inviting...and I'm sure the rest of it will eventually follow.

    Is that some kind of African treasure I see on your cupboard shelf?

    ~ Betsy

  2. Looks very nice. Abigail said, "When can we come over?"

  3. very cute the miss-matched chair idea.

    First thing I looked for in the glass cupboard was the cow pitcher :) Was pleased to see she was given a special place of honor as is due.

  4. It looks wonderful! The chaos will go away, and you are doing excellent things to make it delightful.