Saturday, November 12, 2011

My day

Thursday, November 10
4:59 AM Calling my first student in Korea

9:16 AM Braiding my hair

10:23 AM Writing lesson plans
12:26 PM Driving to the university
1:39 PM Studying with students

4:20 PM Waiting for the copy machine

4:52 PM Mailing a package

5:05 PM Watching the sunset

5:36 PM Grading quizzes

6:32 PM Sharing dinner

8:07 PM Removing my contacts


  1. note to non-Michigan readers:

    No, sunsets in Michigan are not black and white. They are often vibrantly full of color!

  2. That would be a very colorful day, if it were in color of course

  3. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into your day, Amy! It looks like you stay quite busy and active. 989cookie, thanks for the clarification! :-) I didn't even think about that when I saw the picture!