Saturday, March 10, 2012


Creepy alley from my phone
Thursday I felt like an alcoholic in a dry county. 

Since leaving Judith's on Tuesday we were visiting Kendra and Kathryn at the conservative Christian school where Kendra teaches. Except a brief hiatus at a McDonalds at Walmart, Amanda and I were without internet. 

Thursday morning, Amanda and I set off for the nearest coffee cafe to get our internet fix. The Common Grounds turned out to be a place that couldn't decide if it wanted to be a Mom & Pop diner or a sophisticated coffee shop. Either way, the internet wasn't working. 

We paid for our coffee and hot chocolate and set out in search of internet. We found a Subway and followed the sign down a back alley with a "beware of the dog" sign propped in a shop with filthy windows. Even the sight of a pot-bellied policeman on the other side of the parking lot didn't dispel the creepiness for Amanda, especially when my wireless search turned up a network called "PornHub." 

We returned to Kendra and Kathryn's trailer, feeling like cranky, northern snobs and resolved to find internet access within the next couple of hours. 

(Later Thursday afternoon we were more successful at a Subway in another town.)

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  1. lol! I know how you feel. I have had that same feeling before.