Sunday, March 11, 2012


Our barn burned last night.

We are all fine.


  1. Oh no. I'm so sorry. Praise the Lord that all is safe though.
    We have a dear friend who lost all of her goats in a barn fire lately.
    Many pregnant, and many young ones too... it was a dreadful horrible fire. It melted everything, and even damaged a car sitting away from it, because the heat was so intense.

    The Lord Jesus is so merciful though, and I'm so thankful you are safe. Praise His Name.

  2. So sorry, someone noticed the barn was burned on their way to church and let us know.

    So thankful no one was hurt.

    Dawn Kindy

  3. I'm so sorry. I'm also thankful no one was hurt.

  4. So sorry for this to happen.
    You all are in our prayers.

  5. Amy...just talked with your Mom and Logan. I'm so very sorry for your losses. But also, so thankful that you are all safe! We all prayed over you tonight. Hope to see you soon.

    ~ Betsy