Thursday, March 22, 2012

Homeschool visit

On Monday three homeschool families visited my grammar class. It was an opportunity for the homeschool students to learn about Saudi and Chinese culture and for my students to practice authentic conversation. 

My students were excited to host the families. One student brought a box of baklava and another student prepared a huge pan of kabsa (traditional Arabic  meat and rice dish) to share with our visitors. 

It was also an opportunity to introduce my students to the concept of homeschooling, which is unheard of in many countries. We may need to invite the homeschool students for another visit, though. I smiled when I read the question and answer homework of one of my students. It went something like this:
Q: Why they house school?
A: Because they like play.


  1. For some reason I always thought of baklava as a Greek pastry. The kabsa sounds delicious! Your students certainly know a thing or two about extending hospitality! I'm sure both they and the homeschool families were very enriched by this visit!

    ~ Betsy

  2. You are such a creative teacher, Amy! I want to be in your class! :-)


  3. Great idea for both the groups...good job teach!

  4. That is so true. "Because we like it" I like it.
    Let me know when the next class visit is.


  5. It was very fun! I am so glad we got to come :)

  6. We had a good time as well. My favorite comment was one of your students who said (I think) that all Chinese students are very smart.

    All of the Chinese students laughed when I asked them if they had found good Chinese food here. Apparently not! They all said our Chinese food was too sweet.

    One of them asked why we didn't let them go to public school and then just teach them about God after school. I thought it was a pretty good question from someone just learning English.