Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring break

I finished my last class Thursday afternoon, and then David, Amanda, and I drove through the night from  Michigan to Pennsylvania to visit our siblings and shared nieces on our spring break. Actually, David and Amanda drove through the night. I woke up enough to pull the early morning stint and we arrived at Joel and Judith's at five o'clock in the morning. Since then, we've been relaxing and playing with our nieces.


  1. Such great pictures. Love the black and white here.

  2. looks like they are learning to be like the rest of us

    ignore the camera

  3. love it! especially the eyes in pic #5. Glad you are able to have a fun/relaxing spring break. Play a couple rounds of HP for me.

    PS. Please watch Kaelyn closely and make sure she doesn't put her sister in the dishwasher or other large appliances. :)

    PS PS: could I please request more pics of nieces tomorrow. Thanks!