Monday, March 18, 2013

Rebecca's shower

Rebecca is the one in the blue. Esther, one of her bridesmaids, is on her left and her mom is on her right.

for Julie

Our friend Rebecca is getting married in April. Since Julie wasn't able to attend the bridal shower, these pictures are for her.  

The clothespin game: anytime you heard someone say the words "wedding" or "Oklahoma" you could take one of their clothespins. The person with the most clothespins won.

Rebecca and one of her nieces.

Julie, I finally met Jenny and Erin. Already knew Kaziah.

Another one of the games was filling out information about Terrill and Rebecca. Did you know Rebecca wears size 7 1/2 shoe?

The kids were one of the best parts of the party. The little boy is Erin's oldest and the girl is Dot's youngest.


  1. I looked....even though the pictures were for Julie!

  2. OH!!! Thanks for posting these! Send her my congratulations, too!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Amy! My name is Vicki; I randomly came across your blog this weekend, and am so glad I did! What a peaceful little corner of cyberspace you have here! :-) I have followed your blog, if that's okay with you!

    Love in Christ,

  4. Thanks! Wish I could have joined you, but I'm so glad you got to be there. I'm especially pleased that you finally got to meet Jenny :).

    Can't believe Kenrick and Erin's boy! Doesn't seem like long ago that he was just a baby bump!

    I'm so happy for Rebecca.