Monday, March 4, 2013


I have three pairs of snow boots. And, still last week I had to borrow a pair of Julie's boots.

Recently, we've had snow, mud, ice and slush--all mixed together. A typical step starts with a crunch as you break through a thin layer of ice, then a mush as you sink through snow and finally a slog as you land in murky water puddled above the frozen ground. 

On Thursday, I realized I had left a pair of boots at school. My second pair of boots was damp from a walk with Charlie the day earlier. The third pair of boots had holes an inch or two from the soles making them unsuitable for the occasion. So, I borrowed a pair of Julie's boots.

That, my friends, is a commentary on Michigan weather. 


  1. I can't really say that I'm missing that ....

  2. very true! In 9 weeks you'll be basking in the beauty of Spring here in PA!

  3. I'm glad you explained....for a moment I thought you were sprouting more legs!

    Bundle up!

  4. Hmmm...yesterday it was in the 80's here. Sun was shining, daffodils were blooming like crazy, and the Garden Center at Wal-Mart was buzzing with activity. Today, it is 42 degrees and an icy wind is howling. That, my friend, is a commentary on northern Texas weather!:-)

    ~ Betsy