Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crazy Photographer

Aunt Carolyn took Aaron and me out to lunch today at the China Palace. They laughed at me when I grabbed my camera to photograph my plate on the buffet. The other patrons just stared and the server came out to make sure there was enough fried rice. I only got two shots before I conformed to societal pressure and slunk back to my seat pretending there was nothing unusual about photographing one's lunch.

But you should have seen the guy at the Salvation Army when, after donating twelve boxes of stuff, I hopped out of the car with my camera. "My aunt wants a picture of the rabbit," I said. He looked confused, but, after all, he works at the Salvation Army. He's probably seen stranger things than a crazy photographer.

Lunch and junk--great photographic subjects.

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  1. I loved your photo and I too find myself taking out my camera at odd times. I noticed that you enjoyed to bake as well. I love baking cupcakes and thought you might enjoy some of my recipes. Check out my blog and see what you think! :)