Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kindy Tree Service

Aaron Cook watching as the crane lowers a section of tree.

The sky is a little bigger at a log house on Sanford Lake, thanks to Kindy Tree Service. With the assistance of Beyer Roofing, men with chain-saws removed two 110 foot white pine trees, making room for an addition to the house.

My older brother Aaron has been cutting trees with the Kindy brothers full-time for the past three years. Forty-some years ago Virgil Kindy started Kindy Tree Service. The company, a Limited Liability Corporation, is now owned and operated by his sons Jerry and Kevin.

While their father was once limited to ladders, the sons rely on a fleet of bright red trucks--including a bucket truck. Ladders remain standard equipment, though. Occasionally a job demands bigger equipment. In the case of the white pine trees near Sanford Lake, a crane, owned by Beyer Roofing, was necessary to gently lower sections of the tree to the ground without damaging the lawn or drainfield.

Kevin Kindy hitched a ride on the cable from the crane into the white pine tree. There he secured the cable to the tree trunk and cut the trunk into a manageable (seventeen to twenty foot) section. The crane lowered the section to the ground where Jerry Kindy trimmed limbs and branches and Aaron hauled away the debris. The entire job took about four hours--forty minutes to cut the tree and the rest of the time for preparation and clean-up. The logs from the felled trees will be used for lumber by the company contracted to build the addition to the house.

Kevin Kindy, using a Stihl chainsaw, cuts a white pine tree.

Jerry Kindy trims limbs and branches from the trunk of a tree section.

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