Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reason #2

Why I enjoy running the blueberry farm
I'm rarely bored!
I had started picking my second bucket of blueberries this morning when Libby announced, "A customer went into the bathroom and there's water all over the floor."

When I peeked through the doorway I found about an inch of water covering the bathroom floor. Water was running. I sloshed toward the toilet and turned off the valve on the pipe leading to the back of the toilet. The waterfall from the toilet bowl ceased.

After consulting with my Dad, I pulled the lid off the tank and discovered the problem--the round rubber piece that flushes the toilet was stuck open allowing water from the tank to pour into the bowl and overflow on the floor. I was thankful the problem wasn't serious since the owner of the blueberry farm is on vacation in Oregon this week.

By the time Mom, Logan, and Naomi arrived with a bucket and mops, most of the water had drained. I threw the rugs out on the grass to dry in the sun and Logan helped me get the strip of carpet out. Then I sopped up the rest of the water and mopped the concrete floor with disinfectant. This evening, if the rugs are dry, I will replace them. And before we close the farm for the day, we will check the bathroom!

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