Monday, October 6, 2008

Coyote chase

We were late to Sunday school yesterday morning due to a chase that included nine people, four or five pitchforks, a horse, two tractors and one coyote. The coyote eluded us again. After the first sighting Thursday morning, the coyote visited our outside chicken coop several times and mauled four of Libby's chickens on Friday night. Our pastor loaned us his .22 yesterday, but the coyote has been scarce except for a glimpse Libby caught of him lurking in the tall grass when we returned from church, and a sighting at five o'clock this morning. 


  1. That's one slippery coyote...hope ya catch him soon. Maybe you should try a tar baby.

  2. That's hilarious!! I do hope you catch him soon, though... :-P Those guys can do a lot of damage in not much time at all.... :(

  3. "Cook Coyote" ---Amy, you should write a poem about this one.
    Keep us informed.