Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Even if

If the pump dies in the washer
and the nob falls off my dresser
if the light stays on in my car
and the dishwasher has to be replaced

If the cell phones refuse to charge
and the camera malfunctions
if the computer is unresponsive
and I neglected to back-up recent photos

Even then I will praise the Lord
and thank Him for His care for me.


  1. That would be a pretty hard day, but yes, I would still need to praise and thank the Lord. Thanks for the reminder! : )

  2. Oh, I forgot. Who or what is the picture of?

  3. If the sewing machine stops working
    and your brother gets scammed out of a laptop--even then I will praise the Lord. At least, I will remind myself to praise the Lord.

    Judith, the photo is of one of the dancers at the Passion Play at the Christian Celebration Center last year.