Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can't stay away

Friday I completed my student teaching. Over the past few months I've compiled a mental to-do list that begins with the words, "When I'm done student teaching, I'm going to..."

Monday morning I tackled the to-do list. Equipped with vacuum cleaner, a pail of sudsy water with rags, and window cleaner and paper towel I began the spring cleaning transformation in my room. I stripped the curtains from the windows and had Brian heave the bookshelf and night-stand away from the walls. I placed picture frames and doilies and candles and baby dolls on my bed. Just when I had achieved maximum disorder, I received a call from the school secretary asking if I could sub. So I abandoned the disaster zone and headed to school to teach Spanish and Physics. 

"Couldn't stay away, could you?" one of the teachers asked when she saw me later in the day.

I subbed again in the Spanish/Physics classroom on Tuesday. Then Wednesday I was back in "my" English classroom. Today I declined the opportunity to impersonate the Physical Education teacher at another school. 

I've changed the heading of my mental to-do list to, "When I'm not subbing, I'm going to..."

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  1. good for you. I surprised myself at how much I usually enjoyed subbing PE....did well with most of the explore or tag type activities but not when the teacher left plans to play a real game like kick ball or soccer. I make a pretty poor referee. Older kids in PE pretty much know the routine and do it without much direction. You might try it some day when you are feeling adventuresome. PS: Congratulations with you fine finish!