Monday, April 13, 2009


It began as a bonfire to roast hot dogs and burn the brush pile in the fence row--it turned into a firefighting lesson. Saturday evening the wind carried the flames across the fence row to the dry, dead weeds in the filter strip. Libby and I sounded the alarm, and the impromptu firefighting crew grabbed shovels and boards and began beating the edges of the fire. The boys scrambled into the tractors and plowed around the edges of the advancing fire. Within minutes the flames were extinguished, leaving smoking and charred debris in the field.


  1. Wow...what a scary experience!

  2. I'm so thankful everyone was safe. You did a great job keeping your heads and moving quickly. Good thinking!

  3. Glad you were able to get it put out without damage/injury. Praise God! Probably not something you want to repeat just for another photo shoot but you got some awesome pics from it.....very cool...or should I say hot? Love U