Saturday, April 11, 2009


Afikoman, the bread that represents Jesus, must be 
broken and hidden before it is returned and eaten

Passover is the celebration of freedom from bondage. For the Israelites, Passover signified freedom from the oppression they experienced for four hundred years in Egypt. During the tenth and final plague that claimed the life of every firstborn son in Egypt, the Angel of Death passed over the Israelite houses that had blood on the doorposts.

For Christians, Passover is a reminder of freedom from sin. Jesus is our Passover sacrifice and it is His blood that is applied to our lives to free us from bondage to sin and death. 

The table set with candles, Bibles and Haggadahs

Ten drops of grape juice represent the ten plagues on the Egyptians

May God bless the whole house of Israel with freedom.
May God destroy darkness and slavery everywhere...
Next year may we meet in the New Jerusalem!

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