Tuesday, April 28, 2009


...thus far has the Lord helped us
Aaron discovered a puddle of transmission fluid beneath the car when we stopped to refuel on our way home from Pennsylvania. Libby and I used the restrooms and purchased fudge sundaes while Aaron popped the hood and peered beneath the car. We were at the first rest area across the Ohio border--hundreds of miles from home. After consultation, prayer and two quarts of transmission fluid we ventured back to the turnpike hoping that the problem was caused by the warmth and the hills of Pennsylvania. Thus far did the Lord help us and the car exhibited no problems on the rest of the trip and we pulled into our driveway shortly after nine o'clock last night.

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  1. I'm glad ol' Eb got you home safely. Sounds like you and Libby got the better part of the deal...eating ice cream while Aaron worked on the car. How did the remodeling go?