Thursday, May 7, 2009

Food photography

After reading about how one photographer examined hundreds of hamburger buns to find the perfect bun for a photo, I declared that I did not want to be a food photographer. I have no desire to stuff wet paper towels inside raw chickens or slather chocolate syrup on mashed potatoes shaped like ice cream.

As some family members have pointed out, for not wanting to be a food photographer, I do take a considerable number of food pictures. I took these photos to illustrate a recipe that my sister published in our family's newsletter. Unlike real photo photographers, though, I photograph real food. I have a shoot and then eat philosophy, as in the case of the French toast. My subject became my breakfast.


  1. In my humble opinion, you ARE a food photographer. Your food pictures always make me hungry...and isn't that the point?

    :-) Betsy O.

  2. Shoot and eat, isn't that what Peter was supposed to do? =)

  3. I like your philosophy although sometimes I skip the shoot part and go right to the eat!

  4. I love these photos, Amy! The colors are so vibrant and the 'set-up' of the objects is pleasing to the eye . . . you definitely have a talent for photography!