Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sale preparation

This weekend is garage sale weekend, and Betsy is planning to participate. She's spent the past few days sorting and pricing items. Our Grandpa loved auctions and accumulated a collection of more tools and knickknacks than even all of his children and grandchildren can use. Betsy has been preparing the extras for a sale.

Since I didn't have a substitute teaching job today I volunteered to help her this morning. Mostly I provided her with moral support when the antique dealer arrived to check out the sale. He was delighted with the old tools and assured us that our prices were reasonable. In fact, he did his best to convince us to raise our prices on several items.

After examining everything in the garage, he selected a pile of 45 records, a hand-carved cane, drill bits, a bucketful of paperweights, and a stack of unused boxer underwear. He explained that the boxers were for overnight guests who forgot their suitcases. He paid us $70--more than we asked and left with a promise to introduce me to his son if I were interested. 

Grandpa's collection included a few cans of oil.

Betsy's image is reflected in a mirror as she arranges items.


  1. Thanks for helping Betsy out....I know that task must can be overwhelming. Are you going to take him up on the introduction?

  2. My brother says I'm not interested, and he's right.

  3. Garage sales!...tons of work! Remember the one you helped me with a few years back? :)
    I love those memories.