Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kittens, goats, giraffes

While I've been photographing kittens and goats, my sister is photographing giraffes. Julie called Tuesday afternoon to let us know that she's okay, that she's climbed a mountain, and that she was so sore she could barely get out of her chair. 

Julie's sojourn in Africa is nearly half-way over. I admit that I miss my sister. After hearing her on the phone, I was more acutely aware that I miss her. Lord willing, she will return to the states at the end of June, overflowing with stories and with a few pictures of giraffes.


  1. for a minute there I thought Brian might be getting a giraffe.

  2. It must have been wonderful being able to talk to your sister, Amy! I am sure you will be so glad to have her back and to hear all the stories she will have to share. :)