Friday, August 21, 2009

5 tons bucket at a time.
"Do you get tired of blueberries?" customers often ask.

"Nope," I answer. I never get tired of blueberries. I eat them by the handful every single day of blueberry season.

I enjoy picking blueberries, serving customers and supervising pickers, at least, most days I enjoy it. There are occasionally days when it is a job, like when the toilet overflows. But most days I like being outside and interacting with berry loving folks.

The blueberry farm has been open to the public for a month now. We just started picking Elliotts, our late season variety and expect them to last into September. By that time I will be tired of running the farm and ready to close for the year. But even then I won't be tired of eating blueberries.


  1. same here, only it's market that becomes the "job"

  2. Me and Grace really like your sunbonnets. Where did you get the pattern to make them? Or, did you buy them some where?

    Is the blueberry farm your family's or do you just work there? I think it would be nice to always have fresh blueberries on hand!

  3. 5 tons! How much does an elephant weigh? I think you might have picked a couple of elephants worth of blueberries.

  4. Hannah--we don't own the farm but we help to run it in the summer. Betsy, Libby and Naomi sew their own bonnets.