Monday, August 10, 2009

Rainy market

It rained Saturday morning. It didn't sprinkle. It didn't mist. It rained and it rained all morning. Despite umbrellas, raincoats and canopies, the the vendors at the Farmers' Market were drenched.


  1. I know how that is! The last time we went to the Frankfort market it was rainy and VERY windy. People's canopies were blowing and breaking. The venders finally set up inside the building where the market sets up in the winter.(it's a year round farmers market)

  2. You page is simply beautiful and simple, it's the simple things in life that matters most. I can remember my childhood being just that with the farm and apple trees that would always bare fruit and the grapevine with the big sweet grapes. I love your page the pictures are just so relaxing...keep up the good work.