Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rainy morning

It was sopping wet at the blueberry farm Monday morning. The sky was gray and cloudy and a few raindrops splattered on the windshield as we drove to the farm. As we unloaded the pick-up truck it sprinkled, then it poured. Betsy and I sat in the barn and listened to the sound of the rain hitting the roof. 

After an hour and a half the only sign of life was geese and wild turkeys--no customers. Since the shower wasn't letting up, we switched the sign to "Closed."

Rainy days are a blessing during blueberry season. We girls took advantage of our break from picking and selling berries to go shopping with Mom at our favorite second-hand stores. By the time we left the stores with our bags of clothes the sun had broken through the clouds and most of the puddles were dry. 


  1. second-hand shopping! that sounds like fun!! We do that too. We often take Rebecca and her boys too which makes the mother-daughter (+Grandsons) day even more fun! ~Hannah

  2. As always, some great pictures and a lovely story shared.