Monday, September 21, 2009

Cruise 'n car color

Music from the 50’s blared across blocks lined with old cars and swarming with enthusiasts and one girl with a hulla-hoop Saturday morning at the Cruise 'n Car Show. After I dropped off extra berries at the market, Julie and I walked up to the downtown. I am terribly ignorant about cars and failed to appreciate the significance of the event…but I do know my colors and I enjoyed the car show in my own way.

There were plenty of cameras, some as big and as fancy as the cars, at the show so I didn't feel conspicuous with my Rebel, though I was the only female snapping pictures. I had just finished photographing the orange car when a gentleman approached me.

"Excuse me, if I can ask, what are you taking a picture of?"

I tried to explain. "I don't really know cars, but I liked the color and I wanted to get the shadow."

He looked from me to the car and back at me. "Whatever you want, honey," he said, shaking his head.


  1. You did get some interesting shots!

  2. very nice selection-love the "whatever you want honey" story-did you see Grace with her husband's yellow car? They typically are there

  3. I saw Grace at the market, but not at the car show. Amy and I saw several yellow cars... not sure which one was theirs.

    While we were walking around the car show, the disc-jockeys played, "Hot-Diggidy-Dog-Diggidy" which reminded us of Grandpa.