Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Summer is nearly over. The apples are ripening on the trees. Leaves on the tips of trees are turning red and orange. Today is the first day of school. Summer really is over.

(life isn't perfect.)


  1. I'm confused...is summer nearly over or is summer really over?

  2. I like apple pictures! Two years ago in the fall, I took a picture out of the top of our bakery building of one of our apple trees. The orchard ladder is next to it and all the leaves had fallen off except a few browed ones and all the apples are picked except a few red ones way up in the tippy-top branches!
    How many apple trees do you have? Most of ours are the wolf-river variety so we only get apples every other year. This year is an apple year so we have lots on the trees!

  3. It depends on who you ask if summer is over. If you ask Brian his entire life is over (school started).

  4. tell Brian I said I'm sorry to hear life is over....and that I'm quite sure he'll live :)