Monday, September 28, 2009

Lazy T

Our church's annual outing to Lazy T Ranch was a few weeks later than originally planned. It was a little chilly for camping, but we added vegetable soup to the menu and packed extra sweatshirts. With extra blankets and layers of clothing, I was plenty warm Friday night when I slept out on the porch of the cabin.

Saturday the rain held off and Brother Byler led devotions, Galilean style, from a paddle boat in the pond. Later in the morning we canoed down the creek and arrived back in camp to devour a lunch of chili and nachos.


  1. love the horse and "rancher" photo

  2. Hi Amy,
    These photos reflect a peaceful time with favorite people and the words the warmth of one season passing onto the next. Cherish these times with friends and the Lords word.
    Mrs. Flaugher