Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Small town market

Thursday afternoon the girls set up their blueberry stand at a market in a small town twelve miles south of us. Vendors arrange their goods--vegetables, fruits, baked items, wood crafts--inside a park pavilion. Every other week local musicians sit in the middle of the pavilion and provide a concert for vendors and customers.

When I visited the market last week there were no musicians, but a soccer team held their first practice in the field beside the pavilion. The market doesn't have the volume of business of the larger market in our town, but the vendors are friendly and eager to tell about their heirloom tomatoes or blue indigo or diet apples.


  1. Umm...what are diet apples?


  2. According to the vendor diet apples are small enough that they don't ruin your diet.

  3. I like the radish shot...the music sounds like a fun addition

  4. How fun! I love going to things like that. :) I hope that you all were able to sell a lot of the blueberries!

  5. I like the shot of spheres and cubes (the onion shot). Clever.

    Miss seeing your new shot this morning and hope you are well........