Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Clear plastic is okay for awhile, but for a structure to last it needs a real roof. Dad and Logan spent Saturday and Monday nailing tar paper and shingles on Logan's shed.


  1. way to go Logan! Grandpa would be so proud!

    My eye wants photo 3 and 4 swapped to show the progression of the hammer swinging down :)

  2. I am fascinated by the angles and shadows of the first. B&W photography requires such a special internal "color filter"...just don't see how you visualize the intricacies when you look at a situation in color??


  3. I didn't mention that those shingles were ones Grandpa purchased at an auction.

    Thankfully with digital photography, we can always change a picture to black and white after it's taken. I think the key for good B&W is to look for contrast.

  4. that shed really looks a lot more "handmade" in color
    black and white is losing something in the picture (maybe that is purposeful :)
    maybe everyone doesn't realize how really colorful the shed, including shingle colorS, is?