Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Black crushed panne

Dad informed me that he needed a photograph of himself for work. His request was apropos, because I had just purchased five yards of black crushed panne to use as a backdrop. Hitherto I hadn't been able to convince anyone to sit for me and had to console myself with self-portraits.

When we returned home from church Sunday, before Dad removed his tie and coat for dinner, I set up my studio in the living room. I assembled the PVC frame that Betsy gave me for Christmas and draped it with my new imitation velvet. I scrounged up my Grandma's old movie spotlight for extra lighting and recruited a light-holder, whom I instructed to aim the light at the white ceiling.

Mid-way through the session I heard my assistant proclaim, "Look, the light makes black look purple."

"Aim it at the ceiling," I said. I was too late. The light was smoking and there was a hole melted in my new backdrop.

We scrunched the damaged material to the edge, I recruited another light-holder and we proceeded with the shoot. Then Monday morning I stopped at JoAnn Fabric and purchased two and a half more yards of black crushed panne.


  1. nice classic look...do you have to recruit someone to hang it for you also so you don't have to feel the fabric or are you able to do it yourself?

  2. I managed to hang it myself, though I HATE the way it feels.