Friday, October 9, 2009

Reading room

It began with two purple chairs and my realization that the purple would complement the yellow walls in the schoolroom. It resulted in a complete reorganization of the schoolroom.

In the week or two before school started we brainstormed and sorted and rearranged and cleaned. Eventually we moved all three computers and printer to the north side of the room. We removed the table and installed the purple chairs on the south side of the room where there is usually plenty of light, even in the middle of the winter. Betsy is the process of building new bookshelves that replaced the room divider near the computers.

Now our schoolroom is divided--we have the "media center" with bookshelves and computers and we have the "reading room" with two purple chairs.


  1. Looks cozy! Who spins? I did not know that all of you had a spinning wheel!

  2. good idea...glad the purple chairs are getting some storytime.