Monday, October 12, 2009

Sewing sisters

Betsy discovered a terrific Columbus day sale at JoAnn Fabric. She bought three pieces of material. Then she called Julie and they decided to meet at the fabric store in the afternoon. Julie invited me on the outing, and to their surprise I accepted. I dislike fabric stores, but I like being with my sisters, and lunch was included in the deal.

All of the rest of my sisters like to sew and we piled bolts of fabric in our cart. I picked a red and black plaid and a black corduroy embroidered with wispy pink flowers in hopes of conniving one of my sisters to turn them into skirts for me.

I am not a good shopper. My feet hurt. "Are we done yet?" I asked Julie.

"I haven't looked at everything yet," she answered.

Eventually we made it out of the store with bags full of fabric. My feet survived the ordeal and Julie and Betsy managed to put up with their non-shopping, non-sewing sister.

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  1. Columbus would get a kick out of how you celebrated his birthday :)