Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We pressed gallons and gallons of apple cider this past weekend. On Friday we invited friends over for a straw ride. We provided hot dogs and asked our guests to bring finger food to share. I spent the evening mixing apple fritters and cutting donuts. My friend Lydia fried them and then we sent the still warm pastries to the barn to be eaten with fresh apple cider. I made a double batch of fritters and a double batch of donuts and there were no leftovers. Despite the cold, wet weather we had over fifty people. Many brought containers to take cider home with them.

Two friends from Ohio stayed for the weekend and helped us finish pressing the cider on Saturday. The trees in our orchard bore bushels of apples, and we ran out of containers to hold cider before we ran out of apples to press. We managed to scrounge up enough containers to finish the job and had enough time Saturday afternoon to clean up the mess before our day of rest.