Monday, October 26, 2009


My Dad loves popcorn. He pops it nearly every night with his stir-popper. Then he sits on the couch, a bowl of popcorn on his lap, and reads the newspaper. On Sunday afternoons he pops enough to share with all of us.

Saturday, Logan harvested popcorn. Popcorn stalks look much like sweet corn or field corn plants. The ears are narrow and pointed and the kernels are much smaller and harder than sweet corn. In the fall, after the stalks have died and dried, we picked the popcorn. Then we husk the ears and hang them in onion bags in the basement to dry.

After the popcorn is dry we shell the kernels from the cobs. We have a hand-crank corn sheller that Logan modified to suit popcorn kernels. We store the shelled corn in glass containers until we are ready for an afternoon snack.

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  1. We grew popcorn this year too! I like popping corn in the winter when we have a blizzard and everyone is all huddled in the house!
    Do you save some of seed to plant the next year?
    Thats what we are doing for the first time this year.