Thursday, December 3, 2009


Saturday Libby baked, frosted and decorated a cake for our Sunday dinner. When I was in high school I decorated cakes, and I have a collection of pans and decorating tips. But my wrists aren't strong, and for the past few years my decorating tools have sat in the cupboard collecting dust.

Libby expressed a desire to decorate cakes, so I showed her how to pipe borders and how to twirl flower petals. Saturday evening she created a basket on the side of the cake, while Logan lurked nearby waiting to snitch frosting. Then Sunday Dad sliced the cake and I can bear witness that the inside was just as delectable as the outside looked.


  1. wow! very impressive. I like the "Logan lurking" part

  2. Looks great Libby! My brother's love to lurk too!

  3. That sounds like Logan.