Friday, December 11, 2009


The automated voice of the University Administration called Julie's phone at 6:30 Wednesday morning to announce that the main campus would be closed until noon due to inclement weather. Julie and every other student in the area had their first snow day of the winter. I rejoiced with those who rejoiced.

Despite predictions, the snow didn't accumulate on Wednesday. Thursday, though, temperatures dropped and it began to snow tiny flakes that swirled across the fields in gusts, limiting visibility, before depositing themselves in drifts across the roads. The wind was brutal and despite two pairs of gloves, my fingers were numb when I returned inside the house after venturing out on a photographic mission.


  1. your are a very brave and dedicated photographer!

  2. I love the snow! We have a little over 2 feet so far in the deep places. Here and there where the wind blew we only have about 6-12". Our road is all drifted over too with 18-24" drifts. Winter is such a thrillin time of year!!