Monday, December 14, 2009

Family photo

First, you herd everyone into roughly the same place. You ignore the grumbling from the back-row as you adjust settings and tilt the camera to avoid the clothesline pole in the background. Forgetting everything you learned in elementary school about right and left, you resort to pointing and grunting. Then when you can see everyone's face and the guys have removed their caps, you set the self-timer and race down the deck steps, around the rose bush, over a heap of melting snow...

Hurry Amy, hurry!

and you slip and you slide...

Run Amy!

and you smile.



  1. This is hilarious!:-) And what a great photo! Hurrah, Amy!

    ~ Betsy

  2. great shots and story. maybe next year your brothers could install a slide to help you out.

  3. I love it! It is like a process. Good, better, best! ;)

  4. Question- Is Naomi wearing glasses or is that just my eyes playing tricks on me?

  5. Your family has fun no matter what you're doing! I love it!

  6. Good attention to detail Lauren. Yes Naomi has glasses now.