Saturday, December 19, 2009


According to the package the cough drops were cherry flavored. They were red, but Cherry Flavored Menthol Oral Anesthetic Cough Suppressants taste nothing like fruit--I know. I chain-sucked them Friday while I substitute taught.


  1. hummmm...I didn't know you had taken up chain-sucking. I hope you can get rid of that bad habit quickly.

  2. Oh yuck! I don't like those things either! Sometimes if we have to get cough drops we will get some honey herb ones. But if you still have your cough, you should drink some mullein tea. You can get it from a health food store or you can harvest it in the summer and dry it for the winter. Maybe you already knew that or already have been drinking mullein tea, but I thought I'd tell ya' anyway!
    Hope you feel better Amy!