Thursday, December 31, 2009

Children's museum

Two of Kaelyn's aunts and her parents took her to a nearby children's museum Wednesday morning. The building was full of toys, I mean hands-on exhibits, including a farm with a stuffed cow with six teats, a skeleton with bones attached by velcro, a cash register with a drawer that opened, and even a real fire-truck. Kaelyn's favorite part was the baby doll maternity ward and she threw a little fit when she couldn't take the doll with her. Kaelyn wasn't the only one enamored with the museum, though Amanda, the nurse, was a little more mature about not being able to take the human heart exhibit home with her.

Photo credit Joel Cook


  1. We took Josiah to this museum for his birthday trip last year. Everyone had a blast! I have a picture of Rubia laying on her back inside that set of teeth, brushing away! I think their favorite spot was the farm kitchen, though.

    If I'm not mistaken, Judith's baby will share the same birthday month as Josiah.

    ~ Betsy

  2. What fun! Did you fuss about not being able to take home the cash register?

  3. She is so cute! The one of Amanda is funny. :D

  4. It looks like you all had a great time. Age didn't seem to matter!