Friday, January 1, 2010


This post contains blood

Last year, butcher-turned-preacher, Brother Duford presided over the goat butchering. This year his pupils moved goats from pasture to the freezer. Five kids from Brian's herd spent the summer in Brother Byler's pasture. This past Wednesday a crew killed and skinned the goats and then hung them up overnight. Thursday the task was to process the chevon--cutting, grinding and packaging it. Now our freezer and the Bylers' are stocked with roasts, steaks and burger.


  1. What does chevon taste like?

    Our five children helped a friend from church process his deer this fall. They made summer sausage, and it was delicious. They were able to help with every step from beginning to end, (well, not the actual shooting!) and had a great time!


  2. chevon has a somewhat "wild game" taste like deer
    it is lean, and tends to be rather chewy (at least ours does)
    we've liked the ground meat the most
    also, marinating the other meat helps it become more tender

  3. ummmm...this one I don't have to say I wish I was there :)