Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday girl

The birthday girl received a camera--a Sony CyberShot DSC-H20. It was sunny and warm Monday afternoon, so we went outside to play. She photographed her bouquet of flowers and I photographed her.

Despite the sunshine and warm breezes, the landscape is drab. Everything is brown and dead and muddy. Not so with Naomi. She asked me to photograph her with the bouquet Libby gave her and together with her calico jumper it provided more than enough color.


  1. She is "pretty as a picture!" Happy Birthday, Naomi! Wasn't it awesome of God to give you such a glorious sunny day in the middle of Michigan winter?! I call that a great birthday present!:-)

    ~ Betsy O.

  2. Happy Birthday to Naomi. She looks a lot like Libby in the black and white.