Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Betsy, Julie and Aaron laugh at their reflections in the mirror behind candy display in a store downtown.

Most of the day I am the Home Health Aid, but sometimes in the afternoon my job title switches to Activities Director. For the past eight weeks I have turned down substitute teaching jobs in order to care for my siblings.

It was perfect weather for an outing Monday afternoon. Rather than walk up and down the driveway, Julie Betsy and I decided to head downtown for some exercise. Aaron tagged along. He even loaded Julie's walker in the back of the mini-van and held doors open for the girls.

The fact that we ended up in the candy store may have outweighed the health benefits of the outing, but despite the calorie implications it allowed the girls to get out of the house. And it was fun. And we did walk--all the way to the second-hand boutique where I bought a dress. It was a good outing.


  1. I like the last picture. :)It looks like the cover to a CD case or a book.

  2. glad that you all are getting out of the house :)