Friday, March 12, 2010


For our family's newsletter we compiled a list of "Hospital Survival Tips." The number of tips exceeded the space, so I decided to share some of our advice here.

  • Choose diamonds (see above photo of Julie) over stars if given a choice of hospital gowns.
  • Befriend the secretary and the security guard.
  • Warn guests before a visit if there's a cleaning closet on another floor with the same room number as your room.
  • Carry earplugs and set low expectations for sleep.
  • Resign yourself to the fact that some hearing aids always screech.
  • Close the blinds before exercising, lest you gain an audience and receive compliments on your dance performance.
  • Insist that a family member stay in the room if it makes you more comfortable.
  • Ask questions before procedures lest you have a pap "scam."
  • Buy more than one variety of granola bars.
  • Pain medication can be a friend or an enemy.
  • No matter what the Nutrition Services Ambassador suggests, don't order sausage for your first meal in ICU.
  • Be firm when disoriented patients wander into your room at night.
  • Check with the nurses to see which cook is on duty when deciding whether or not to order dinner from the hospital cafeteria.
  • Be wary of the grilled chicken.


  1. hummm....who did the dance performance? You?

  2. We all know who is the best cook at Michigan and gives you the best deal for your money.