Monday, December 8, 2008

Friendship flowers

As a token of their friendship, Pastor and Sister Potteiger presented each of us with a flower yesterday morning. Brother Potteiger carried the vase of white, red and dark red carnations and his wife followed with a stack of paper towels. December completes the third year of the Potteigers' ministry in Michigan. 


  1. Wow!!! Those are some faces I have not seen in awhile. Bobby was one of my favorites. Does he still rub his hands together when he gets excited? Are the Pottigers leaving or just celebrating their 3rd year being there?

  2. Yes, Bobby still rubs his hands together. He's not quite as good at remembering birthdays as he used to be...but he still knows mine!

    We are all very thankful that the Potteigers aren't leaving. They were just celebrating our friendship.

  3. Well I'm thankful too the Potteigers aren't leaving. They have been a God send to the church there. And Bobby was one of my favorites too. Those guys sure added a special touch to our times together.
    I miss you and thank God for you.